Custom databases are used to provide relevant and actionable management information,
inventory tracking, contact management, and web functionality.

  • MSSQL, .Net and Office

    Microsoft SQL allows for rapid development of desktop applications with Microsoft's .Net programming framework. the .Net framework also allows for tight ingeneration with Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook, Word, and Excel. By leveraging the Microsoft Office code that is already on most business desktops, development time can be drastically reduced, and the exchange of data with customers, suppliers, and contractors is streamlined.

  • MySql and PHP

    MySql is a free database that is included with almost all web hosting packages, and it is widely used by e-commerce solutions. Combined with PHP, MySql is a powerful tool for managing information online. Open source solutions that utilize both PHP and MySql, such as OS Commerce, can easily be customized to meet the online sales needs of an organization at a fraction of the cost of building a similar web application from scratch.

  • Existing Systems

    It is often cost effective to extending existing database technologies to add reports or new functionality or necessary to extract data from old databases to incorporate it into new systems. Together, we can examine your needs and options to make the most cost effective choices for your organization.

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